Perfume Parlour No Longer Accepts Paypal

In mid February, according to Perfume Parlour's owner, Paypal closed their account citing a new risk assessment that deemed Perfume Parlour's account would leave Paypal open to too much fraud and volatility.

PP's owner confirmed on their facebook group that they had seen an increasing number of disputes filed against them from Europe — Spain in particular — that may have been the cause and not legal claims against the company as many were speculating.

Perfume Parlour does still accept all major credit and debit cards for the time being, but if you're looking for clone houses that are backed by Paypal's buyer protections we'll list our favourites down below.

Perfume Parlour Paypal Signup Discount Link

If you're looking to buy fragrances clones using Paypal, we have a definitive list of clone houses on the site here: Fragrance Clone Paypal List.

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