April 9, 2021

Weekly Round Up | 9/4/21

This week was a busy one for the dupe houses, which saw ~26 new fragrances released from the big 4 (check below for the full list). We heard UPC may have standard shipping back available from July onwards, APO has opened it's doors again and is shipping out consistently (though possibly with a few days delay due to the backlog).

This Week's Fragrance Releases

Some standouts from this weeks releases include:

Chanel N°19 from Perfume Parlour
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This has been available for a while from several of the other houses, but it's great to see it available in the UK. Like all other Chanel fragrances in the UK, PP have had to disguise the name to avoid lawsuits, but we've rounded up all of PP's hidden Chanel fragrances here.
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Universal just released their Ultra Premium version of Individuel by Montblanc which is made of Luzi oils and if their other Ultra Premium oils are anything to go by, should be really special. A great alternative to Aventus for those looking for a less obvious choice to the behemoth men's fragrance.This Image Has An Empty Alt Attribute; Its File Name Is 375X500.4193.Jpg

Full List of Fragrance Oil Releases

Après l’Amour by Thomas Kosmala (80%) - from Perfume Parlour
Oud Rosewood by Christian Dior (84%) - from Perfume Parlour
Chanel N°19 by Chanel (84%) - from Perfume Parlour
Florentine Iris by Ermeneglido Zenga (88%) - from UPC
Indonesian Oud by Ermeneglido Zenga (90%) - from UPC
Collezione Privata Viaggio d'Africa by Pal Zileri (86%) - from UPC
Peruvian Ambrette by Ermeneglido Zenga (86%) - from UPC
Individuel by Montblanc (82%) - from UPC
Tumulte pour Homme by Christian Lacroix (88%) - from UPC
Fresh Laundry & Lavender by Clean (84%) - from Generic Perfumes
Volutes Eau de Parfum by Diptyque (88%) - from Generic Perfumes
Escada Pour Homme by Escada (88%) - from Generic Perfumes
Dal 1934 by Canali (78%) - from Generic Perfumes
Midnight Musk & Amber by Jo Malone London (81%) - from Generic Perfumes
Bourrasque by Le Galion (84%) - from Generic Perfumes
Tygar by Bvlgari (84%) - from Generic Perfumes
Iris Prima by Penhaligon's (83%) - from Generic Perfumes
Enclave by Amouage (81%) - from APO
Emporio Armani Stronger With You Leather by Giorgio Armani (82%) - from APO
Kobraa by Bvlgari (87%) - from APO
Oud Rosewood by Christian Dior (84%) - from APO
Angels' Share by By Kilian (86%) - from APO
Roses on Ice by By Kilian (68%) - from APO
Pure Musc Absolu by Narciso Rodriguez (81%) - from APO
Saharian Wind by Mancera (84%) - from APO
Fantomas by Nasomatto (66%) - from APO

Perfume Parlour 10 Off Pink Weekly Releases

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