Why Did Perfume Parlour Shut Down?

UPDATE 26/09/22: Perfume Parlour is back open, albeit without the original 'inspired by' names on the site anywhere at the moment. If you want to find which fragrance is which, please search our site, we have their full catalogue available.

On the 22nd of September 2022, Perfume Parlour closed its doors over concerns about litigation from brands it was creating 'inspired by' versions of.

It looks like it was instigated by a Twitter user who — after being banned from Perfume Parlour's Facebook Group — decided to tweet incessantly at the companies PP's fragrances were inspired by. We don't know what happened after this, but the next day their site changed to the following landing page:

Perfume Parlour Shut Down - Customer Announcement Of Closing On Their Web Site.

We reached out to the owner about the reasons for the closure, but they have asked that we don't publish them just yet.

What we can say is that they don't appear to have had any formal cease and desists just yet, but given how vocal one former Facebook Group member was on Twitter, we wouldn't be surprised if the legal notices start piling in.

So how did it start?

Well, a very active member of Perfume Parlour's FB Group fell into a disagreement with PP's owner and admins over discrepancies between batches of fragrances he bought repeatedly. He was overly active in the group, however, posting many times each day and being vocal about all aspects of their business, and didn't believe the brand's explanations for why colour and strength varied between batches.

He became increasingly hostile, apparently threatening other group members, before being banned from the group by the owner.

It was then things escalated.

Disgruntled, the former group member took to Twitter, where he began to start contacting the companies Perfume Parlour bases their 'inspired by' scents on.

While 'inspired by' fragrances are technically legal, attracting unwanted attention from the law firms of these big brands is naturally not what PP want. The chances of the brands noticing a few tweets directed their way by an angry anonymous Twitter user, however, are pretty slim — especially amongst the hundreds or thousands of mentions and tags these brands get every hour.

Closing Perfume Parlour Down

The legality of their products hasn't stopped the owner from being fearful, however, and while we won't specify exactly what we were told here, there doesn't seem to be any impending action, and this seems to be more of a precautionary move than anything else — with an eye to reopening again soon (UPDATE 23rd September: the Perfume-Parlour.co.uk website is operational again, though perhaps only over the weekend).

It was at this point the Facebook Group was put on 'pause' with all commenting and user actions disabled until further notice.

Perfume Parlour Close Its Facebook Group After Shutting Down The Website

What Happens Next?

We'll have to wait and see, but the legal threat from luxury brands like Chanel are very real, and Perfume Parlour have run into them before, which is why their Chanel fragrances aren't made as openly available as the other brands on their site.

If you do want to find Perfume Parlour's Chanel clones, you can find our list here: Perfume Parlour Chanel Dupes.

Will Perfume Parlour Re-Open?

We believe so, yes.

The site came back online briefly a day after closure and was updated to reduce the amount of information about the original brands on the website. Whether this will stop any legal action on behalf of those companies that have dupes of their fragrances sold by Perfume Parlour is yet to be seen.

Perfume Parlour Temporary Reopening Dupe Fragrance Oil

With that said, we don't see why the owner wouldn't want the site to stay open. It's clearly successful, and with the Facebook group they have a loyal userbase that would follow them under a new name if, for instance operating under their AIM8 Ltd. company became untenable.

We expect to see them re-open fully and permanently — likely with reduced information about the brands — very soon.

If that's the case, you can search their entire catalogue here on this site.

And to save 10% off your order, sign up for an account with them through this link: https://perfume-parlour.co.uk/login?referrer=40298

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