Perfume Parlour’s Hidden Chanel Oils

Due to copyright legislation a lot of the perfume houses don't publicise some of their fragrance oil clones - especially for litigious companies like Chanel.

I’m quite fond of Chanel’s fragrances and after trying some really great Chanel clones from Universal Perfume and Cosmetics and GenericPerfumes I decided to give Perfume Parlour’s a sniff.  Unfortunately, I quickly found out that PP doesn’t claim to have any ‘Chanel’ products and doesn't list the company on any of their copycat oils.

Being a little suspicious of this, we painstakingly compared the fragrance notes and descriptions for each Chanel frag on Fragrantica to those in PP's catalogue and we think we've found all of them.

We want to honour Perfume Parlour's decision to not use Chanel's name, and we're of course not suggesting these are copycats, but they do share very similar notes as their more expensive counterparts.

To protect Perfume Parlour and ourselves from Chanel's wrath, we're not making the list publicly available, but for those who do want to know, we've compiled the lists into a report we'll make available behind an opt-in.

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