April 8, 2021

The 2 Definitive Creed Aventus Clones

Aventus by Creed is one of the most popular and heralded men's scents of the last few decades and for good reason. It's sublime: a fresh fruity opening with masculine leather and woods on the dry-down, with Creed's signature Ambergris lifting up the entire scent.

Priced at £390/100ml however it's not a cheap fragrance, and given Creed uses traditional methods of fragrance extraction from the real raw ingredients you're smelling, the wild RRPs are entirely justified.

With that said, because of it's popularity, it's also one of the most cloned fragrances with hundreds of copycats out there, and many of them are quite good! We've bought and tried more than a dozen Aventus clones in search of the perfect version and although we haven't found anything that's 100% spot on, we've found a few from major clone houses that smell incredible.

The Best Aventus Dupe

Our pick after trying 14 Aventus Clone oils from 8 vendors online was from Universal Perfume and Cosmetics.

This is everything you want from a Aventus clone: very close to the original, complex and develops over time with rich lifelike components, and the oil lasts a decent amount of time. Less so when made into a alcohol-based fragrance, but that's always the case!

Uni doesn't offer spray fragrances, but we have a guide on how to make your own here.

UPC's packaging is just okay and most come in dipstick forms which is fine for most people, but you can request rollerballs (or even order them from Amazon which might be easier).

Luzi Aventus Clone By Upc Best Fragrance Oil

Universal Perfume & Cosmetics'
Aventus (Luzi)

Runners Up

Creed'S Aventus By Arabian Perfume Oils

Aventus Clone
by APO

As with all APO scents, entirely wonderful, but this misses out on the top spot only because the oils we ordered didn't have a well defined Ambergris scent — Creed's calling card.

Still, highly recommended.

Creed Aventus From Oil Perfumery

Aventus by
Oil Perfumery

Canada based Oil Perfumery do some great replica scents, but it can be a little trickier getting them in Europe — Canadian customers may opt for these since shipping will be faster and cheaper than anything else and it's a great version of Aventus.

Aventus Dupe By Universal Perfumes And Cosmetics Inspired By Oil

Aventus (Turkey)

Universal Perfume & Cosmetics fragrances are all generally very good, and some of the highest quality available anywhere.

Their Turkey version of Aventus is every bit as good as the Luzi, just in our opinion slightly more fruity than the real deal.

Creed Aventus Original Promo

Inspired by an emperor’s theatrical life who fought fearlessly, Aventus serves as a homage to iconic leaders, including Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte, whose triumphs and legacy remain iconic today.

Creed marketing copy

The Longest Lasting Aventus Dupe

We found the Aventus Clone that lasted all day came from Perfume Parlour (available here).

Aventus is a somewhat light scent, with the real version made from delicate and complex real plant extracts, the genuine fragrance doesn't always last the longest which makes the eye-watering price that much harder to justify.

The unfortunate catch-22 of fragrance longevity is that often the least complex and developing ingredients last the longest, and the inverse is generally equally true. When it comes to Perfume Parlour's stronger version of Aventus, this is definitely true and it lacks much of the subtleties and interesting character of the alternatives listed above. It does however last all day, and of all those we tested, it's still identifiable as Aventus 12 hours after application.

If you're looking for a great fragrance, we'd suggest something from the above, but if longevity and bang for your buck are primary concerns, PP's clone is a great choice.

Perfume Parlour 10 Off Creed Aventus
Perfume Parlours Aventus Extra Strong Perfume Oil

Perfume Parlour's
Aventus (Extra Strong)

What has your experience been with Aventus fragrance oils — are there any we should check out that you think we've overlooked?

Let us know down below 👇

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