July 7, 2021

Where to buy the best Perfume Oils in 2021

Perfume oils are available from many different companies in many countries, each with clones it nails, and those that miss the mark by a really wide margin.
With this site I'm hoping to test as many of the best perfume oils as I can on my journey to find my favourite scents, and help as many other people out in their fragrance journeys too.

A-Tier Fragrance Houses

These are the vetted, high quality fragrance houses that aren't resellers of resellers or resellers, and generally all have great pricing. Some are better than others, so I've noted their quality out of five stars in the table below.

NameCountryWorldwide ShippingPrice per 3ml# of oilsQualityDiscountWebsite
Arabian Perfume Oil🇬🇧
Generic Perfumes🇰🇼
Kuwait / India
£3.906,000★★★★★Join to get
25% off
Perfume Parlour🇬🇧
£2.501,600★★★★☆Join to get
10% off
Universal Perfumes
& Cosmetics
£4.997,400★★★★★Join to get
30% off
Oil Perfumery🇨🇦

All of the above offer great oils, but for the best quality and range I'd recommend buying from APO, Universal Perfumes and Cosmetics, and Generic Perfumes. The latter two of which offer multiple grades of many of their fragrances (e.g. the popular Aventus), so you can try oils from different factories from the same retailer.

Arabian Perfume Oils

Run by Abdul Butt and his daughter, APO offers excellent oils. I've yet to smell one that was bad or less than close to the original. With that said, their website is hard to navigate, the search function doesn't work particularly well, and their selection is limited. If you're in the UK, I'd suggest starting here to see if they have what you're looking for before moving on to Perfume Parlour or one of the Kuwaiti co's.

Perfume Parlour

The cheapest of the bunch and some really good smelling oils, most are close enough to the originals to convince anyone smelling them on you that they're the real deal, but the website is pretty bad.

Perfume Parlour has many amazing quality oils, and a few duds, but they're generally far cheaper than most, ship very quickly (especially if you're in the UK), and offer a great range of the most popular, newest, and best perfume oils and fragrances — it's unlikely you'll find a fragrance missing from their collection.

Perfume Parlour does offer 10% off if you create an account using this link:

Perfume Parlour Discount - Save On The Best Perfume Oils

Generic Perfumes

Generic Perfumes is wildly underrated in my opinion. I've found the best perfume oils of several fragrances from them (including my white whale, the elusive Creed Erolfa) which is such an interesting counter to most people's opinion of them. It means they use different oil factories to the main guys, and for most of the oils I've had from there, this makes a really pleasant change. They also have by far the best bottles and roller/applicators for their oils — none of the other guys even come close on that front.

Universal Perfumes & Cosmetics

By far the biggest and best selection, for some oils they have as many as five different grades or versions (Aventus especially has some amazing options). Shipping from the Middle East is surprisingly fast (though can be a bit pricey as they price their shipping by unit sold — whether you're buying 100ml or a sample pack of 10 oils, both are just one unit, so make use of their bundle deals when you can to save on the oils and shipping).

You can't really go wrong with UPC, they have great quality oils, a massive selection, and are reasonably priced — especially with a coupon, which we regularly have for 30% off (find the latest coupon here).

The best Inspired By Oils in North America

Europe and the Middle East don't have a monopoly on the best perfume oils, but they do generally have direct connections to some of the best renowned fragrances houses in the world since the vast majority are located in Europe. The oldest and those considered the highest quality, originate in France and Switzerland. Although generally I recommend importing the oils to America from these EU or ME stores, there are many reasons to buy from sites local to you, just know that price and quality may not be the top priority (though we'll try to guide you in the right direction).

Check back for more information and our reviews of the best perfume oil houses in the US, or sign up to our newsletter to be notified as soon as our reviews are finished (and get exclusive discounts to those US brands). You can find more here.

The Best Perfume Oils in the UK

The UK is home to plenty of retail oil sites, and plenty of those offering 'inspired by' sprays or cloned perfume sprays. While almost every other oil house on this list will ship to the UK, we do have several good sites if you want to avoid wait times and international shipping headaches.

NameFast ShippingPrice per 3ml# of oilsQualityDiscountWebsite
Arabian Perfume Oil£3.49~600★★★★★N/Aarabianperfumeoil.com
Perfume Parlour😐£2.501,600★★★★☆Join to get
10% off
Precious Pearls£1.50~200★★★☆☆N/Aprecious-pearls.co.uk
The Perfume People£2.10~1,200★★☆☆☆Join to get
15% off
KDJ Inspired£4.00~60★★★☆☆Join to get
10% off
Arabian Opulence£2.00~90★★★☆☆N/Aamazon.co.uk

I've personally ordered from each of those from the table above, and while on some I probably didn't order enough to come to a steadfast conclusion on a couple of them, I ordered the most popular scents, including Aventus, for a shootout review we're doing across as many brands as we can.
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